Riedel Vinum Tasting Set of 4
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This tasting set is an excellent introduction to Riedel stemware, the choice of wine connoisseurs worldwide. Offering four different glasses for sampling a wide selection of wines, it's an ideal way to begin a Riedel collection or to supplement an existing collection.

Each lead-crystal glass is from Riedel's Vinum series of stemware, shaped to enhance the characteristics of specific varietals. The set includes one of each glass:

21.5-oz. Bordeaux, for complex reds including Merlot and Cabernet
12.4-oz. Sauvignon Blanc, for light to medium-bodied white wines
24.7-oz. Burgundy, for medium-bodied reds such as Pinot Noir, Burgundy and Beaujolais
21.1-oz. Montrachet, for rich, full-bodied whites such as Pouilly-Fuiss and Chardonnay

Made in Austria. Set of four.

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